A. Bailey Design Associates is a residential design consulting firm operating out of western North Carolina.

Purchasing property in western NC

Purchasing property in western NC

On purchasing property in western NC, this is a good rule of thumb: Funny…but good to keep in mind.  We live in a rural area, bordered by wilderness.  Quite an incredible environment in which to live, however if you are coming from an exquisitely groomed neighborhood development, you may be in for a bit of […]

Affording a Mountain Home

Perhaps you were stunned to discover that you could own a piece of paradise for a fraction of what the same five acres would cost in your home state. Perhaps you and your spouse have “built several homes” already in your lives, and both feel confident that this will be the best and the last. […]

Some Green Building Design Criteria

What is commonly called “green building” today is more than just a set of practices that lead to environmentally friendly construction.  The benefits of green building design can lead to not only a reduction in consumption of resources, but also to a reduction in your monthly expenses.  Whether you wish to approach green building from […]

Banks, Lending, and the Economy

I can’t pretend to be fluent in economics, but I have something to share which I hope you will find useful.  My position as a director of the Haywood Home Builder’s Association allows me the privilege of learning about such matters. Our organization received a letter from one of our members, a building contractor.  He […]

Radiant Heat and On-Demand Hot Water

As I mentioned in earlier articles, our home is generally heated with a wood burning stove, with some supplemental heat gathered through a passive solar process.  Of course we use a more standard heating system as well, which is thermostatically controlled and fired by liquid propane gas.  What is unusual about our system is that it is an open […]

Old Man Winter

Approximately half of my clients over the last five years have built a new home here in the mountains with the intention of making it their primary, year-round residence.  Some already reside here, others plan to retire here some time in the future, while still others are eager to jump right in to full-time mountain living.  If you […]

Solstice and passive solar gain

Solstice and passive solar gain

The shortest day of the year is approaching, but to me this is the day that I measure the sun’s farthest reach into the heart of my home.  There is to be found on a section of baseboard in my living room, a small mark made with a Sharpie, on December 21, 2007.  On this […]