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Andy Bailey

Andy has designed quality custom homes and additions in western North Carolina since 2005. He continues to work with many of the region's top builders as well as clients from all over the U.S.A.

Andy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has extensive computer experience. He brings to your project a unique combination of artistic, technical, and practical experience. In his early career, Andy worked as a licensed electrician, carpenter, siding installer, timber framer, roofer, painter, and ceramic tile installer.

A. Bailey Design Associates has a practical working knowledge of building codes. We make use of nominal dimensions, which leads to the reduction of labor and materials (and therefore cost and environmental impact). Local inspectors, contractors, suppliers, real estate agents, and lending institutions are familiar with plans by A. Bailey Design.

Construction plans by A. Bailey Design are by default conservative as opposed to whimsical. Our work is done for the benefit of the tradesperson as well as for the home owner. However, when drama is desired in a design, that's when the fine arts experience comes into play. Our unique perspective allows us to offer whimsy tethered in reality.

Andy Bailey is a proud member of the National Association of Home Builders, the Haywood County Chamber of Commerce, and the Haywood County Board of Realtors. He is a director of Haywood Habitat for Humanity and a director of the Haywood County Home Builders Association.


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